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Zole and Sasha
Žole and Sasha

đo-dju is a duo consisting of Žole and Sasha, two childhood friends trying to tell stories using different media. Žole is one half of Škart (Reject), interdisciplinary art and design collective founded in 1990 at the University of Belgrade. Sasha is a graphic designer, occasional Škart collaborator who also worked on many other storytelling projects, both with a number of artists and designers and also by himself.

Notable Škart exhibitions and residences: NTU CCA Singapore, 2017; Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016; Galerija Nova, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015; Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015; the Serbian Pavilion, Venice Biennial of Architecture, Italy, 2010; SPACE Gallery, London, 2009; participation in the 1996 Olympic Art Festival, Atlanta. In 1990s, the collective was making poetry books and distributing them in the street actions. In 2000, Škart founded two collectives - choir and orchestra named Horkeškart and a female embroidery group. In 2008 the collective started Poetrying - a festival of experimental poetry. From 2013 till now Škart has done several workshops with migrants based in asylum centres in Bogovadja and Banja Koviljača.